End of the road

This is gonna be my last post for this course, but who knows if it’s gonna be the last of this blog. It’s been fun to write about what we learned in class, and it helped me to assimilate better the concepts and also to learn more because I had to do some research by myself to write the posts.

For this last post, I will review a piece of Elit and explain why that piece is special for me. And also I will do my own elit artwork, so this is a very exciting proyect for me.

Review of Stud Poetry by Marko Niemi (2006)

Stud Poetry

Stud poetry is an Elit artwork that consists in creating poetry pieces through a poker game. Each card is a word and your goal to create a consistent elit poetry with you hand.

The game follows the same rules as regular poker, if you have two same words of the same family, it counts as a pair, if you have three, a trio… and so on. You play against other 5 players (bots) and you can raise, call or fold depending on how good is your hand.

This game can look that it’s just simply a poker game with words instead of numbers, but the funny thing about this is trying to create a poem with the words you have in your hand as a point of start. Sometimes it’s not easy because words don’t have any relation between them, but that’s the funny part for me. Bigger the challenge, bigger the fun.


I don’t know why is this fun to play, but this game has made me play for more than one hour straight because it’s like a 2 in 1. You play poker but you also create poetry. It’s a combination I never thought I would see and try, but I’m glad I have chosen this elit artwork to make this review.

Surely I will keep playing after this.

Making my own Elit artwork


We were also requested to make our own elit artwork. From the different options we had to do this work, I’ve chosen to create my own twitter bot.

To make this twitter bot I used the tutorial published by Zach Whalen in his webpage http://www.zachwhalen.net/posts/how-to-make-a-twitter-bot-with-google-spreadsheets-version-04/ . To make this bot work I used google spreadsheets and apps.twitter.com .

I’ve made a bot that, every 12 hours, sends tweets about how it is feeling. It’s called BotMood ( https://twitter.com/bot_mood ), and I tried it to tell a story through tweets about mood. Right now it only has one tweet, but during the days, it will be tweeting more and more until it reaches it last tweet. If you want to see how this bot ends, follow its account.

I’ve had several problems during the creation of this bot, but they were mostly bad configuration problems which, following some tutorials that I looked for on the internet, were easily fixed.

I think this experience of making a twitter bot has been very useful for me, because I’ve been really interested in twitter bots from a while ago but I never tried to make one. So I’m glad this excercise allowed me to make one and understand better how they work.

I will make more for sure.

Last thoughts

I think it’s been fun to make this blog because it has made me investigate about certain topics I was interested about from long time ago but I never had the chance to study deeper. I will try to keep posting on this blog and learning about digital culture because it’s a world that has the hability to surprise you everyday because it’s continually renovating and creating new ways of telling things.

Also I hope you enjoyed as much as me this blog. Have a nice day and keep learning!



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